When a professional in the allied health field moves into private practice, they need business insurance to cover issues such as injury claims from a patient. Allied health includes fields such as physiotherapy and psychology, and any number of issues can lead to the professionals being sued, becoming injured or dealing with staff becoming ill or injured. Solid insurance policies for worker's compensation, professional liability and more can protect those involved.

Allied Health Workers May Face Liability Claims    

Unfortunately, Australia is becoming a very litigious country, and that puts allied health staff and practitioners at risk of legal action. A patient unhappy with treatment results, a client who claims they were injured by pharmaceutical drugs, yet another who claims the occupational therapy they went through didn't work and more may land a therapist or other allied health professional in court. Having proper business insurance can cover the costs of legal fees, settlements and other payments the therapist or other professional might have to make as a result.

Medicare Doesn't Cover Everything

One of the risks of allied health work is that the allied health professional will become injured due to the nature of the work. Either a physiotherapist will hurt themselves while helping a patient, or a psychologist might be injured if a patient lashes out. Staff may be injured as well, such as from falls. The Medicare system covers a lot, but it might not cover every cost associated with the allied health professional or staff member's treatments. Having a worker's compensation policy is essential to protect yourself and your staff. Someone injured on the job should not have to pay anything for their treatments, and they should not be at risk of losing pay due to lost work time. A commercial insurance policy is necessary to ensure they receive all the treatment they need.

Combined Policies Help Save Money

No matter what type of commercial insurance a practice needs, those running the practice will find several insurance packages available. Many different types of coverage can be combined into one policy with one agent, making premium payments much simpler. Plus, the agent can tailor these packages to your needs specifically so that you don't have to pay for generic coverage in these packages that you don't need.

Contact an insurance agent to learn more about allied health insurance. With a full range of policies in effect, you and your staff can rest assured you'll all be covered should the worst happen.